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Martin Luther King, Jr.’s account of the first successful large-scale application of nonviolence resistance in America is comprehensive, revelatory, and intimate.


Thriller Award–winner Freeman uses the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing as a template for his gripping eighth Jonathan Stride novel (after 2016’s Goodbye to the Dead), putting his own spin on why and how such an egregious crime.

The Burying Place

Though Jonathan Stride is still recovering from injuries he suffered in a high fall at the start of Freeman’s intriguing if overly plotted fourth thriller featuring the Duluth, Minn., police detective,who happens to be a local cop’s brother-in-law.

Stride Books

Good bye to the Dead

Season of Fear

The Bone House


The Cold Nowhere

At the start of Thriller Award–winner Freeman’s masterfully plotted sixth novel featuring Duluth, Minn., police detective Jonathan Stride (after 2010’s The Burying Place), a half-frozen 16-year-old hooker turns up in Stride’s cottage on Lake Superior late one winter night.